The canines biological diet in the wild was that of Elk, Venison and Buffalo.

Complete nutrtion for your dog. We have added a total nutritional supplement to this product. Also in this formula is pure bone broth from game animals. It is all-natural, grain-free, calcium-rich food for dogs and cats.

This is all-natural, grain-free, calcium-rich food for dogs. With ingredients like finely ground bone and cartilage, together with free-range, hormone- and antibiotic-free 100% game meat. You and your pets will really notice the difference in their overall health. 

Wild game meats have health benefits when compared to meats from domesticated or farm-raised animals. Examples of wild game include venison, bison, and elk. The fact that wild game animals eat their natural diet and are very active in the wild contributes to the lower fat content of the meat. Additionally, eating greens in the wild contributes to a lower content of pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids and a higher content of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Furthermore, wild game meat is a good source of protein and minerals such as iron and zinc

Just some of the physical benefits of a raw dog food diet can be as follows:

  • Cleaner teeth and fresh breath.
  • Better weight control.
  • Improved digestion.
  • Shinier, healthier skin and coat.
  • Reduction of allergy symptoms.
  • Harder, smaller, less smelly stools.
  • Increased mobility in older animals.
  • More energy and stamina.

A diet high in lean protein is more than just a good choice; it actually promotes Real Animal Wellness! 

48 one pound packs.

Complete Nutrition



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