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What Makes Wild Game Different

How Does Game Meat Help My Dog


The Deer and Elk's Food Source

Game Meat can Help Reduce Inflamation

Why Switch to Rocky Mountain Raw dog food

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Organic by Nature

Rocky Mountain Raw

Rocky Mountain Raw Pet Food Company is singularly unique in that we use only free range wild game from the tops of the pristine mountains and valleys throughout the Rocky Mountains. We are the wild game processors who carefully prepare and package the product by hand. Finally, we distribute our product directly to you

Our product simply provides your pet with the most pure, naturally healthy food available anywhere. We look forward to your pet eating species specific Rocky Mountain Raw pet food and living a more full an healthy life

•The Deer and Elk’s Food Source

•The deer and elk eat a natural diet of green grasses, and green plants . Compare that to pen-raised animals (like beef and chicken), shot with antibiotics and growth hormones and trough fed grains and corn, from GMO seeds, grown in fields sprayed with pesticides. deer and elk live a very active life in the wild, which also contributes to a much better quality of meat.


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What are the Benefits of a Raw Diet?

Because We Care

•Some of the benefits of a raw diet are a healthier pet. Shinier coat more energy improved digestion less allergies and better weight control.
•Your dog is just a step away in nature from the wolf who has thrived upon wild game for many years. Our pet food is naturally delicious to your dog. Full of the nutrition he needs to build strong bones and become the healthier day by day. Dogs do not digest grains and vegetables to utilize them. Why then do dog foods use grains? the cost is cheap and it makes feeding easier. But like us fast food is easier but we all know it is not healthier!

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Wild Meat Helps Reduce Inflamation

The Information You Need to Know

•Studies show that higher levels of Omega-6 fatty acids increase inflammation in your dog’s body[3]. Why do you care? Because inflammation in your dog’s body brings on a variety of problems, including: rheumatoid arthritis; diabetes; cancer; and just plain being fat. Where do dogs get this heightened Omega-6 level? From the corn and grains – whether fed directly to your dog in kibble or through domesticated meats that were fed corn and grains while awaiting slaughter. deer and elk eat more green things like plants, grass and leaves. Studies show that green plants also lead to leaner meats and have lower omega-6 fatty acid content.

•No other meats are added to our product. There are no growth hormones, no antibiotics, no fillers, no preservatives, no grains, rice or corn (gluten free dog food), no pesticides, no GMOs, no farmed or ranched animals, no euthanized or downed animals is pure deer and elk. The meat/bone ratio is 85-87% / 12-15 The remaining 0.6% is a premix of vitamins and minerals, with bone broth added. This formula was designed by an industry leading expert to give your dog exactly what it needs. Nothing was cut out because of costs.

•Our dog food contains NOTHING FROM CHINA is a complete and balanced diet for all life stages formulated to meet or exceed the AAFCO standards*


Shipping and Delivery

Shipped Direct to You

Whether you’re close to home here in Salt Lake City, UT, or anywhere else in the US, you’re just a phone call away 
•To start experiencing the benefits of organic, natural pet food, it’s time to try your pet on a Rocky Mountain Raw diet! The benefits will begin almost immediately, and both you and your pet will be thrilled with the results – because really, Raw Makes Sense! All of our raw dog food products are made in the USA from USA free-range game ONLY! broth from game that has never had antibiotics or
here. We look forward to your pet eating species specific Rocky Mountain Raw pet food and living a more full an healthy life.

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Our Mission

To improve the health of your dog!

We are more than makers of dog food we want to be known as someone who greatly enhances the health of your dog. Rocky Mountain Raw is a trendsetting Online Store, offering our first-rate products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes. Ask any dog owner what they care about most and I am sure it will be the health and happiness of their pet! This is our mission.

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