Jerky Treats from the Free Range Game. 

The K-9's biological diet in the wild was that of Elk, Venison and Buffalo Our Jerky is an extraordinary mix of elk and venison that’s smoked to perfection 

(Formulated as a perfect treat for both dogs and cats)

Our jerky is the best, high-protein treat. It's made from the finest  free range game  meats..Our products are produced in a hickory smokehouse-the same way jerky has been traditionally prepared for hundreds of years. Your dog or cat will love every little tasty nibble of our jerky. 

  • Deer meat contain  L carnosine which is antioxidant.
  • This meat is the highest food source of CoQ10 
  • Venison has 10 percent fewer calories than chicken breast and 40 percent fewer than beef,
  • Saturated fat is 40 percent lower.
  • Venison has about 50 percent fewer total fat content than beef meat. It also has 20 percent more protein than it.
  • Deer jerky contains many vitamins such as B6, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamin. As found in conventionally raised cattle it doesn’t include added growth hormone.
  • And the best part is that the wild meat is organic by nature, although it’s not certified.


Jerky from Elk and Venison